MEP (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing) Design Services

MEP (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing) Design Services

UHS to be able to provide complete services to its clients and through cooperation with specialized

Companies who has vast experience in MEP services for healthcare facilities that

offers Complete MEP design services offers complete MEP design services that include :


General Considerations:

1. Air quality for general hospital ventilation and air-conditioning

2. Special air quality, circulation and pressure for operating theaters (HEPA filters)

3. Positive and negative pressure rooms for patient isolation

4. Pressure cascade for surgical department

5. Laminar flow for special theaters and clean workrooms

6. Patient controls & interface (at bedside)

7. Special drainage of radioactive waste

8. Task lighting vs. comfort lighting

9. Operation & maintenance .


Mechanical Works Systems:

1. HVAC System

2. Chilled Water System

3. Heating System

4. Ventilation System

5. Steam and Condensate System

6. Medical Gases System

7. Fuel and LPG Systems

8. Compressed Air System &  Central Vacuum System

9. Dust Collection System

10. Building Management System

11. Energy conservation


Public Health Works Systems:

1. Water Supply System

2. Domestic Cold Water System

3. Water Treatment System

4.Domestic Hot Water System

5. Required Storage Capacity

6. Pumps

7. Drainage System

8. Normal Drainage System

9. Special Drainage System (radioactive, hazardous waste)

10. Rainwater Collection/ Retention

11. Site Drainage

12. Sewage Lifting Station

13.  Fire Fighting System

14. Hydrotherapy Pool Mechanical System


Electrical works include the following systems:

1. Lighting (general, task, and emergency systems)

2. Normal & essential power distribution systems, emergency generator, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system and automatic transfer switches

3.Telephone & public address system (paging and music systems)

4. Conveying systems system (elevators, escalators, travelators)

5. Security surveillance and CCTV

6. Computer network empty conduits (coordination with IT systems)

7. Fire alarm system