Infection control addresses factors related to the spread of infections within any healthcare setting. It focuses on preventative measures (Disinfection/ Sterilization, Vaccination, Surveillance), awareness, and management of standard operating procedures (SOP), to effectively apply high-quality patient/ staff/visitor safety in all departments. Infection control starts from the early design stages were many factors are considered such as room design, flow patterns, medical device reprocessing, disinfection and sterilization processes, and safe sterile storage. It also defines important electromechanical set ups such as air flow and the HVAC system. UHS offers its services to ensure the application of an SOP in practicing Infection control within all medical facilities. This is especially significant in surgical theatres, CSSD, endoscope reprocessing, dirty and clean utilities, and special classified rooms (clean surgical rooms, isolated ICUs, and dialysis rooms). Our design solutions for SOPs are based on international standards and regulations, and our solutions are tailored to each facility. Facilities benefiting from these services can include research and modern clean rooms utilities, contaminant- controlled room utilities, IV compounding rooms, chemotherapy rooms, bone marrow transplantation, stem cells, and bio banks.